You don’t have your Ambulance Driver Certificate?

Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Visit your local DMV and pick up the following:

  • CHP Ambulance Driver’s Handbook $10.00.
  • Request for Live Scan Service
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate

Step 2:

Visit your Primary Medical Doctor (PMD) or an Industrial Clinic and have them complete the “MEDICAL EXAMINER’S CERTIFICATE,” otherwise known as a DMV Physical.

The “Medical Examiner’s Certificate” card is yours to keep and must be in your possession at all times. The Original Examination Report is for you to give to the DMV (Step 4).

Step 3:

Get LIVE SCAN fingerprinted. Visit for a list of Live Scan locations in Riverside County. Make sure to call to verify the price. Most places only list their price which does not include the fee from the Department of Justice which is $32.00.

Bring with you the Request For Live Scan Service. Keep the copies you are given after your Live Scan is done for Step 4.

Step 4:

Once you have reviewed the CHP Ambulance Driver Handbook, obtained your Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and have completed your LIVE SCAN fingerprinting call your local DMV and schedule an appointment for the written test.

Make sure you have with you your Medical Examiner’s Report & Card and Live Scan paperwork. The cost of the Ambulance Driver’s Certificate is $28.00.

For more information about the California Ambulance Driver Certificate visit: